HitamBerry Bold 9700
Saturday, November 20, 2010

First of all, I bought a HitamBerry Bold 9700 from

the Orang Kuning's company at Ipoh Greentown around June 2010.

I signed their 2 years contract to get cheaper price on the phone. I'm poor :(

Then somewhere in end of August,

I accidentally cracked the screen,

half of the screen blackout.

And I accidently killed my Digimon as well.

So, I take it to the Orang Kuning's company,

ask them to repair it for me on 07/September/2010

no warranty because it is my own mistake.

It will cost me RM750 because it need to be repair at Singapore.

Malaysia don't have Hitamberry factory!! FML !!

So, okay, I've got no choice but to repair it.

RM750 just gone like that, they say took me 2 months.

and till TODAY, there's no news about my Hitamberry.

So I went to the company and ask. They have arrive.

Good! Arrived but didn't give any notice to me.

Then when they give it to me, they asked me a question.


So I answered,


and they replied me

Usually when we take the phone, we don't take the battery.

So I was like, okay what the f**k!

Then they tell me

they would call their headquarter at KL to see if the battery is there or not.

And they will call me ( which they told me last time also ) about it on Monday.

So how long must I wait again ? 1 month ? 2 month ?

They said they will call me last time, but they didn't. Will they this time ?

Okay, face it. Orang Kuning's company just lost my Hitamberry's battery!

It's not really the matter of how much it cost of the battery.

It's the matter of their service!

Tell me what should I do?

I'm already freaking frustrated with it and sad.

And I miss my Digimon so much.

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World Toilet Day
Friday, November 19, 2010

Do you know that today is World Toilet Day? Funny but true.

So let me tell you my most embarrassing moment in toilet.

I don't really wanna tell this to everyone at first but it's a childhood story. So I guess It's Okay.

Back then, when I'm still schooling at St.Michael's Institution,

approximately around year 2006 - 2008 ,

I went to toilet to find some break during teaching hours

Of course, I do really want to go toilet. To do some 'big business'.

Doesn't make me sound like I'm a bad student right? Haha

When I try to reach the toilet paper roll, damn.

Okay, so I thought it's okay without the toilet paper, just wash.

So I try to open the water tap to wash my backside. Damn, again.

It's not working! I was like,

I'm so totally fu*ked up now.

It will be so disgusting if I don't do anything and wear back my pant!

So I try to get whatever I have. I took out my wallet.

I only left 2 dollar in there. (it's a big amount for me during school days)

I don't really want to use money to wipe my backside. Sounds ridiculous.

Again , I tried to search, search, and search what I got in my wallet.

I found a ...

Love letter, given by female tuition mate, who I don't remember.

Therefore ended up I used the letter and wipe my backside without reading it first!

Damn, I should have read first. It made me sounds like I'm a mean person right now.

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Law of Attraction
Saturday, November 13, 2010

This post is dedicated to my family, a girl, and her partner. I don't want to mention any names here but I hope you're smart enough to know who you are. Before I continue, I would like to tell you, myself was once a teenagers too. I used to love clubbing, looking for entertainments, and never study properly.

Somehow, there's a question struck in my mind, out of sudden! It says "What do you want in your life?" , then I told myself, I don't need to be a millionaire or something similar, I just want a contented life, a happy family, growing old together and loyal to my parents. Since that, I've avoid clubbing and looking for entertainments already. I started to participate in college activities and study properly. At least I know what I want.

Back to you, have you know what you want in your life? Don't get messed up because of your lovey dovey emotions. Think for the sake of yourself. It's true that you got your own choices and how you want your life to be is in your hand. However, try to think further. When I mean further, it means 10-40 years from now.

What you gonna do? Face the facts, religions & family doesn't agree with you. So, the first thing in your mind is, leave your family & migrate to a country which can accept it. Then, either one of you have to convert religion. Right? Then if you want a kid, you will adopt one.

By luck, everything goes smoothly as I written above, and by countless of efforts, you earn big bucks and able live on your own at the other country.

But what if thing doesn't go smoothly? What if you stuck in this god-damned-corruptions-and-full-of-laws country? I'm not trying to be conservative or stereotype, I'm just trying to be rational. So I hope you will understand

The fact is, things never go smoothly in your life. No matter how good you are, shits do happen in your life. For a real example, I bang a motorcyclist and now he's dead. I have to attend court and face the law. What if you're in other country? People look at you as a foreigner and you are in no better situations in your own country here.

If you can live smoothly as I written above, go ahead, I'm willingly to face discrimination from others. But if you can't, don't waste your time, as deeper it will hurts for you, & don't make me discriminated for nothing.

You might say, people who discriminate me is a conservative peoples, then I will answer you, maybe you're right, but they are someone who know this country's law pretty well. They know where they stand, they know where they sleep. How bout you? What is the possibilities?

You know who you have hurt, someone who love you will all their heart, taking care of you without counting a cent with you, growing you up with countless of sweats, tears and joy. Even if you got your own choice already, which is not a path where she preferred, at least an apologize is relevant.

I choose to keep quite, don't wanna get involved, hopefully while you're growing up, you would be able to think rationally, most importantly is able to think for yourself. Do whatever you want to do with your life, I've done my part which is advising you here. Take care.

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Today My Life Begins
Saturday, November 6, 2010

i've been working hard so long
seems like pay has been my only friend
my fragile heart's been done so wrong
i wondered if i'd ever heal again

ohh just like all the seasons never stay the same
all around me i can feel a change (ohh)

i will break these chains that bind me, happiness will find me
leave the past behind me, today my life begins
a whole new world is waiting it's mine for the takin
i know i can make it, today my life begins

yesterday has come and gone
and i've learnt how to leave it where it is
and i see that i was wrong
for ever doubting i could win

life's to short to have regrets
so i'm learning now to leave it in the past and try to forget
only have one life to live
so you better make the best of it

by Bruno Mars

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Back On Track
Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ah finally, everything seems cool down now and I'm back on track. I'm quite contented with my life now. Simple but happy. Yea...

For those who doesn't really know what I'm doing recently, well nothing much. After the prom night, I'm concentrating in my studies now. Finishing my assignments and doing revisions. Exam coming soon you know? Just a month away.

If everything went smoothly in my education, I will be completing my diploma in next year March. When think about it, I seriously will miss my college life, the friends I made in here, the joy, sweat and tears which shared, learning upon mistakes which has been made, organizing activities, leading a club and many more.

Just now, Raymond asked me a simple yet complicated question. "What do you want in your life?" Well, I don't know why but I was able to answer him easily. Probably because I asked myself that question before. Of course if you want to know the answer you have to ask me by yourselves.

Everyone has different goals in their life. Better than people who doesn't have any. And hopefully it is toward a betterment of themselves. What I feel now is, I doesn't feel like my life are meaningless now, I have something that I want to achieve. I see some of my so called friends, they don't know their path yet, maybe because they are still young.

But then, my friend Ngai told me, it's time for us to educate the batch after us. Then I asked myself what can I contribute in educating them? Seriously I don't know yet. Maybe as I growing up, I hope I can show some good example, as in they would want to become like me.

At least for now, I can tell that my life is not meaningless, I got goals that I want to achieve. There's a lot more peoples who are like me, standing tight on the Earth's ground developing themselves hoping that they could contribute and achieve something.

signing off, Jack. 23/10/2010.

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